Build Bright University is proud to host the 60th ASAIHL Conference on 2 - 4 December, 2015 in the historical town of Cambodia, Siem Reap.



  - Create an environment that promotes an excellence
  - Create an environment that promotes an excellence in teaching, learning, research, educational, and scholarly activities.
  - Create an environment that promotes the well being, health, and safety of all students in the university.
  - Provide a relevant, accurate, reliable, and timely information access to students and management in relation to their specific purposes and benefits.
   - Promote a healthy lifestyle and well being environment for all students and university members.


    - Students must achieve their academic goals.
    - Provide learning support and academic advising services on each university campus that help improve the learning process.
    - Promote the best practice learning environment through internship and fieldwork studies.
    - Provide effective conflict-resolution methods that assure the free and fair learning environment to each member of the university community.
    -  Promote student awareness and knowledge about personal health and timely health-related problems.
    - Reduce all risk factors associated with health problems, such as sexual harassment and abuse.
    Increase factors of healthy behaviors ad better lifestyle choices for the university community.
    - Develop a market-based research approach that helps reduce unused data.
    - Keep all communication platforms changed and updated to serve the benefits and interests of all students and the university members.
    - Keep all students and management to effectively identify and assess the competitive performance, market change, and macro environments that affect the university positioning.
     - Encourage sports and recreation cultures that support a variety of interests and values in the university community.
     - Encourage each student to be involved with sports and recreational activities.
     - Build Bright is the University of excellence in sports and recreational activities.

In terms of its fast moving and diverse training programs offered to both graduate and undergraduate studies, Build Bright University (known in short as BBU) is one of the leading universities in Cambodia. Build Bright training programs are offered to meet the needs of learners and researchers under local and internati§onal context. BBU has become a community itself, rather than university.

Community based campuses at most remote provinces are BBU's strategic locations,

Student Supporting Service

The service is currently available to students include: Admission service, Career info service public relations service, academic info service, Student Housing & Dining services, telecommunication & transportation services, internet and other nonacademic services



Admission Service

What do you need to know before you apply? Admission to study at Build Bright University is competitively selective as the number of qualified learners is increasing every year than the university can accommodate. Build Bright welcomes all kinds of learners from within and outside the country, who bring to the university a wide rage of social, cultural, ethnic, and educational backgrounds. We appreciate students with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds, and accept the contributions they make. The Office will refer to Reception Desks located at each university study center which are supported and assisted by both Academic and Finance Division, for all information and instructions related to application deadlines, application process, admission requirements, application forms, credit transferring, tuition fees, and payment terms.

Career Information Service

Students are provided with updated information on self-assessment tools, career options and job vacancies, which are posted on the university's job information boards at each study center. In most cases, students are contacted by phone or by email directly from the Division of Student Affairs for their interview and training placements. Students registered with BBU may also take advantage of the Resume and CV referral service to access employers who are interested in BBU students but not intending to come to the university study centers.

Public Relations Service

The Office has worked closely with other institutions including private organizations, public institutions,and nongovernmental organizations to promote the relationship with these institutions and to facilitate Build Bright students to participate all kinds of social and public events. Remarkably, we have sent our students to attend several dozens of social and public events a year. This includes conferences, seminars, trainings, public debates, workshops, meetings, TV shows, Red Croos and Community Services, etc.

Academic Information Service

Part of information provided to students is related to academic queries or complaints due to problems or difficulties students might have in getting access to what they need. The Office will direct all academic concerns to the Division of Academic Affairs for solutions.

Student Dining & Housing Services

The university also provides on-campus services to students, professors, staff, and other members of the university community who are studying, researching, teaching, and working at all Division of the university. These services including dining services provided at each university study center and information directories on student housing and accommodation search.

Telecommunication and Transportation Services

- Telephone Service:

Due to increasing the popularity of mobile phone uses among students in the university, the telephone desk service is not yet available for public use in the university buildings. However, some public phones have been setup on the university study centers by the telecommunication companies for public use. In an emergency case, the university's telephone services will be available to handle the situation.

- Transportation Service:

Students are welcomed to visit the Office for queries on finding transportation means to and from the Build Bright University and their destinations. For questions regarding transportation links between the capital city and other provincial towns, the university has made the connection with transportation companies including bus companies which make it easier for students and other university members to arrange their trips right on the university study center. situation.

  - Internet Service:

Internet facility is provided for free use of students, lectures or professors and all staff of BBU to facilitate their learning, teaching and research works on and off study center. Internet or proffessors in all BBU's libraries and computer Labs and in each division for all staff, In addition, Wi-Fi internet service is provided for all users at eash study center, Who have their own wireless devices or personal Labtops.

Student Counseling Service

From our experiences, we have learned that most students especially those who are in the first-year programs often have difficulties in adopting new learning environments in the university, where the learning, researching, and teaching models Public Telephone Service located is available on the campus 30 are quite different from what they have experienced in high school or in their previous study environments. In responding to this, we acknowledge that student counseling service in forms of learning support service, facility support service, academic, career and personal counseling are very useful tools in helping students, especially new students to adjust their university lives that lead to achieving their future academic goals.