Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals


To be nationally and internationally recognized university in producing competent graduates who will respond to future challenges and solve problems in the contexts of Cambodia and abroad.


  • To offer a full range of academic and professional programs and a broad agenda of research activities focusing on preservation of Cambodian culture, and its issues of socioeconomic development along with international communities.
  • To develop efficient human resources who will be able to critically, creatively, and innovatively contribute to local and global development needs.
  • To continue to grow with excellent education, research, and innovation.

Strategic Goals

  1. To maintain quality culture and initiatives
  2. To strengthen and extend external relations, dissemination of information, and marketing
  3. To strengthen good governance structure and leadership
  4. To strengthen human resource management and development
  5. To strengthen organization and educational planning
  6. To offer effective learning, teaching and research
  7. To commit to excellence in education, research, and innovation
  8. To provide extensive educational access
  9. To offer effective services to customers
  10. To provide effective supporting services to students
  11. To modernize physical environment and resources
  12. To improve and enhance standards and internal quality assurance (IQA) at both institutional and program levels