Build Bright University is proud to host the 60th ASAIHL Conference on 2 - 4 December, 2015 in the historical town of Cambodia, Siem Reap.



Build Bright University in collaboration with Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), India is undoubtedly a great move as it is now destined to offer its students the best of knowledge on what the world buzzes about. This is for the first time in the history of the country that international services are available at a throwaway pricing from India, the land of IT, what would not have been possible otherwise for the masses. BBU is unique and believes not only in competition but running its own race with its own method and style in order to achieve its ultimate goal, i.e., to develop the intellectual personality of students, and to make efficient and fine competent graduates who would ultimately help for the development of the country.

(1) Master of Science in Information Technology (MscIT)

  Program Objectives

  • To equip post graduate students with an integrated set of skills that will allow them to develop their professional careers in information technology.
  • To equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary to enable them to understand the design of complex computer applications/science.
  • To prepare students to embrace future developments in the field and has a demonstrated professional relevance.
  • To provide the latest skills and build the future capabilities of the students using world-class technology.
  • Dexterity in advanced programming languages: power to build sophisticated software for wide area of applications.
  • Skills to work with higher end applications in internet technologies; also managerial ability to analyze, design, develop and to maintain software development.
Programme Structure

First Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MIT101 Fundamentals of IT & Programming 2
MIT102 Data & File Structures 4
MIT103 Object-Oriented Programming 4
MIT104 Software Engineering 4
MIT105 Object-Oriented Programming – Practical 2
Total 16

Second Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MIT201 Operating System 4
MIT202 Data Base Management System (DBMS) 4
MIT203 Analysis & Design of Algorithms 4
MIT204 Data Communication and Networking 4
MIT205 Mini Project 2
Total 34

Third Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MIT301 Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) 4
MIT302 Web Technologies 4
MIT303 Elective-1 4
MIT304 Elective-2 4
MIT305 Web technologies lab 2
Total 52

Elective-1 (Choose One)
Sub. Code Subject Title
MIT3031 High Speed Networks
MIT3032 Distrubuted Operating System
MIT3033 Software Architecture

Elective-2 (Choose One)
Sub. Code Subject Title
MIT3041 Open Source System
MIT3042 Embedded System
MIT3043 Graphics and Multimedia

Fourth Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MIT401 Data  Warehousing and Data Mining 4
MIT402 Elective-3 4
MIT403 Elective-4 4
MIT404 Project 8
Total Cumulative Credits 72

Elective-3 (Choose One)
Sub. Code Subject Title
MIT4021 C# and .NET
MIT4022 Network Security
MIT4023 Real Time Operating System (RTOS)
MIT4024 Customer Relationship Management

Elective-4 (Choose One)
Sub. Code Subject Title
MIT4031 Advanced Software Engineering
MIT4032 Cloud Computing
MIT4033 Wireless and Mobile Communication
MIT4034 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

(2) Master of Science in r of Computer Science (MscCS)

Program Objectives
  • To provide specialization in Computer Science with technical, professional and communication skills.
  • To train future industry professionals.
Programme Structure

First Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MC0061 Computer Programming “C Language” 4
MC0062 Digital Systems, Computer Organization & Architecture 4
MC0063 Discrete Mathematics 4
MC0064 Basic Web Development (Internet, HTML, Stylesheets and Basics of Multimedia) 4
MC0065 Financial Management & Accounting 4
Total 20

Second Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MC0066 OOPS using C++ 4
MC0067 Database Management System (DBMS and Oracle 9i) 4
MC0068 Data Structures using C 4
MC0069 System Analysis & Design (SAD) 4
MC0070 Operating Systems with Unix 4
Total 40

Third Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MC0071 Software Engineering 4
MC0072 Computer Graphics 4
MC0073 System Programming 4
MC0074 Statistical and Numerical Methods using C++ 4
MC0075 Computer Networks 4
Total 60

Fourth Semester
Sub. Code Subject Title Credits
MC0076 Management and Information Systems 4
MC0077 Advanced Database Systems 4
MC0078 Java Programming 4
MC0079 Computer Based Optimization Methods (Statistics/Applied OR) 4
MC0080 Analysis & Design of Algorithms 4
Total 80