Build Bright University is proud to host the 60th ASAIHL Conference on 2 - 4 December, 2015 in the historical town of Cambodia, Siem Reap.


The Institute of Mobilizing Knowledge for
Economic Development and Peace (IMEP)


General Overview of the Program

Build Bright University (BBU) has created a center known as Institute of Mobilizing Knowledge for Economic Development and Peace (IMEP) in 2004 to carry out the research, consultancy and specialized training activities. Currently, IMEP is involved in research, training and consultancy activities supported by several organizations.

 IMEP will be the unique and largest center for research, training, and consultancy in mobilizing knowledge for economic development and peace in Cambodia.
To accelerate the pace of research and development in various fields for overall development of the economy, while leading you to know-how and know-why and whatever solutions you need to maximize your organizational performance                                


To conduct training programs for various functionaries involved in decision making in government, non-government, corporate and private bodies.

To provide consultancy services to various organizations on several aspects.

To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. on emerging issues confronted by the country in particular and region in general.

To undertake activities relating to publications of the books, journals, research materials and other printing works.

To conduct various academic programs for the wider interest of the economy.

  • To undertake advanced and qualitative research and developmental activities in various fields of the economy.