Office of Administration


Administrative and Personnel Division is committed to provide BBU’s mechanism of human resources and administrative management, which is with harmony, transparency, effectiveness and quality to do the BBU administration service to be responed to the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports and ACC Assessment and toward to the internationally assessment to become a local leading university and one of the leading internationally recognized universities.


    - To adjust the whole organizational management system including the povincial study centers to allude to be accepted a high positive local and international assessment with a high quality and standard.
     - To reinforce the management system and develop the mechanism of the work system management with a high quality and effectiveness.
      - To create and develop the potential of the university human resource training to become more capable and skillful in order to guarantee the sustainability and quality of the training.
     - To ensure that high quality services and procedures are provided to clients, with roles and responsibilities for administration and personnel office.
     - To develop and implement an effective performance management system that is culturally and operationally appropriate to the needs of management for the attainment of the University’s mission, vision, and goals; and to implement the performance management system within the existing strategic architecture to ensure that the individuals work goals are aligned to the University’s goals and business strategy.

Main Tasks, Roles and Responsibilities

Administration and Personnel Office:

      - To arrange and create university acts and decision on the arrangement and the university's application in order to limit about the roles, duties of the division, institute, faculties, provincial study centers and offices to create the organization for each entity.
     - To create the sample form of the administration letter and documents used by institute, faculties, divisions and offices at the central office and provincial study centers.
     - To set up the broadcasting campaign of the policy and other rules which is used by the university to all of the municipal/provincial study centers and arrange the examination and assessement program on the policy implimentation and rules.
     - To establish inter-relation mechanism between the institute, faculties, divisions and offices at the central office and provincial study centers in order to have the systematic quality for serving students and the public.
     - To reinforce the university’s service supplying for the best students and more effectiveness through the system reform of the inter-division relations and other offices.
     - To create the mechanism so that the students have the possibilities to get the information about the service supplying to the university.
     - To control the statistics of scholarship helping managers to be easy to analyse and re-invest.
     - To arrange the orders of security, sanitation and protocol within the university.
    - To commuinicate in the public in order to serve the customers, such as study room or hall for workshops or meetings.
     -  To compile all documents and reports from all entities of the university and submit to hierachical managers.
     - To arrange and create the machanism of controlling work process and letter flow to be smooth and effective.
    - To create the system of the personnel management through the software and hardwrae system (Developing personnel management software).
     - To reinforce capacity, university’s personnel quality via the creation of the university personnel training program.
     - To create the plan of the personnel development for short, medium and long terms.
     - To establish the machanic system and the operation assessment documents of the staff and management board.
     -  To arrange the policy and rule of personnel management such as recruitment and selection, resignation, the work applying management and employee work applying assessment, salary, remuneration and allowances of employee, vacation, code of employee morale etc.
     - To create internal regulation of the university staff.
    - To provide an approach to the effective management of workplace health and safety to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all employees and students.
     - To further develop and implement strategies and policies within the context of Cambodioan labor law and ensure that the University maximizes benefits emerging from legislation and Government employment initiatives.

International Relations Office

      - Communicate with national and international visitors.
      - Facilitate the seminar or other programs that the Board Managements of BBU will take place.
      - Prepare the action plans of International Relations Office
      - Coordinate and public communicate related to office responsibility.
      - Deal with other organizations for national and international link.
     - Cooperate with other universities to exchange academic programs, student, lecturer, researching staff, technology, and sports, etc.
      - Prepare monthly report, trimester report, semester report and annual report.

Inventory and Logistic Office

     - Managing data of equipments, office supplies and inventories that being used in office, lab room, lecturer room, and student room at all BBU’s study centers.
     - Managing and purchasing the equipments and support all BBU’s study centers with these equipments.
     -  Take over and follow up documentations related that will send to the divisions and other BBU’s study centers.
     -  Managing on sale out the damage equipments.
     -  Writing a monthly report, trimester report, semester report and annual report of inventory and logistic.
     -  Managing on sale of study equipments in book shop.
     - Prepare the action plans of Inventory and Logistic office.
     - In charge of preparing the requesting latter of Division of Administration and International Relations.
     - In charge of collecting data of equipments that will purchase in order to ask the approval of board managements.
     - To deal with company’s representative about product advertisements.
     - Take control on repairing the study equipments such as, LCD, Overhead Projector….


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Office of Finance