International Journal

Build Bright University (BBU) publishes International Journal of Business and Development Research (IJBDR) annually. IJBDR is a peer reviewed and internationally referred scholarly journal, which focuses on publishing research articles in the areas of business management, social science and development studies. BBU welcomes and encourages students, researchers, academicians and persons having interest in research to submit articles for publication in IJBDR. The guidelines for the contributors are as below:

  • Manuscript submitted by author(s) for publication in IJBDR should be original contribution and neither been published previously nor is under the consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Manuscript should normally not exceed 25 (A4 size) pages, typed in double-space (including footnotes and references) in 12 font size in Times New Roman on one side of the paper with wide margins.
  • The cover page of the paper should contain the following:
    • Title of the article
    • Author’s name
    • Professional affiliation
    • Full address of correspondence with e-mail address
    • Sponsoring information (if the research is sponsored/supported by an organization)
  • Article should accompany an Abstract of about 150 words which should state briefly the purpose of the research, main findings and major conclusions.
  • Keywords should be provided immediately after the abstract which encapsulate the principal topic of the paper. A maximum of eight keywords should be given.
  • Tables and figures should be placed at the end of the article. However, their locations in the text should be indicated clearly as: Table – 1 about here. Author(s) must check tables to be sure that the title, column headings, etc. are clear and to the point. Source must be given below the table.
  • All figures (charts, diagrams and line drawings) should be submitted in electronic form. They should be of clear quality, in black and white and numbered consecutively.
  • Mathematical expressions should be presented in a way that will be easily printable.
  • Endnotes: All notes should be indicated by serial numbers in the text and literature cited should be detailed under reference in alphabetical order of the surnames followed by year of publications.
  • References should be placed at the end of the paper and arranged alphabetically. Author(s) should follow the latest edition of APA style in referencing. Please visit to know about APA style.
  • Either British or American spellings should be followed throughout the manuscript. In no case, both standards should be mixed.
  • Author(s) should check their manuscripts for clarity, grammar, spellings, punctuation, and consistency of references to minimize editorial changes.
  • The editorial team has the right to modify or edit the work in order to match the requirement of standard and style of the journal. Further, the Editorial team reserves the right to reject any manuscript that in their opinion is not suitable for publication in IJBDR, without expressly stipulating the reasons for doing so. Under no circumstances identity of the reviewer(s) and referee(s) will be disclosed to the author(s) or to any other third party not involved in the editorial process.
  • Correspondence and proofs of correction will be sent to the first author unless otherwise specified. The article will be published after receipt of the corrected proofs from the author(s).
  • Manuscripts not considered for publication will not be returned back to the author(s).
  • Author(s) while submitting papers should also certify that the paper has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere and that it represents author’(s) own work.
  • An author/corresponding author will receive a hard copy of the published journal in which his/her article appears.
  • Manuscripts and all correspondences should be addressed to Prof. Manaranjan Behera, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Business and Development Research, Build Bright University, Grey Building, Samdech Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Postal Code:12301, Phone: (855) 23 994 773, email: OR


An edited International Conference Volume on Educational Access and Excellence (2015 Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Conference – organized by Build Bright University during 2-4 December at Siem Reap) was published by Allied Publishers, India in 2017. The conference volume contains eight parts such as:

  • Keynote Address
  • Country Reports
  • Cross-Border Higher Education in the Global Context
  • Excellence in Education through Provision of Technology
  • Excellence in Education through Effective Teaching
  • Excellence in Education through Research
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Abstracts