Office of Academic and Student Affairs


To be responsive, adaptable and innovative in the provision of services to the University stakeholders in the implementation of reasonable and consistent academic policy and the efficient and effective administration of students in support of the University’s mission to be an internationally recognized leader in Cambodia.

Goals and Objectives

    - To play an active role in the University’s efforts to achieve its goal of being an internationally recognized University
    - To provide effective support to the University’s implementation plan
   - To ensure that the University’s academic support services provide quality and  effective   support for its teaching, learning, and research functions
    - To prepare and provide timely and accurate management information to the  University
    - To provide effective support to teaching/professional development needs of  faculty and   administrative staff
    - To provide effective support for the University’s new initiatives


Academic Services Division is an administrative unit that comes under the direction of Vice-President of Finance and Planning. The unit is responsible for:

 1. Informing and consulting with Vice-President of Finance and Planning regarding pertinent issues and implementing appropriate responses to the IT changes. These objectives are:
        - to explore the advances in information technology, their impact on instructional support services, and how academic support services are delivered to students, teachers and staffs
        - to ensure that professionals in Academic Services are prepared to deal competently with technological changes that occur in the workplace
      - to examine ways to deal with future changes in enrollment that will address the needs of traditional as well as nontraditional University students

 2. Identifying physical facilities, to address each unit's needs in University. The objectives are:
        - to request funding for various University’s operations
        - to review, prepare, and submit operating budgets to Vice-President of Finance and Planning for selected University’s operations

3. Supporting dissemination of information to the University community to promote instructional support services and programs available to students. The objectives are:
        - to advertise and promote available academic services directly to students through University’s Web sites
        - to advertise materials about Academic programs to students through University’s Web sites

4. Providing the supporting services to a wide and varied group of University stakeholders: students, academic and administrative staff within all faculties, campuses and administrative business units (Division of Finance and Planning, Division of Administration and Personnel, Division of Student & Academic Affairs, Division of Research Science & Publication, Division of Cooperation and International Relations, Division of Audit and Quality Assurance, Department of Foundation Year, Faculties/Departments  and other Provincial Study Centers ).
        - provide everyday technical support of the personnel within the BBU’s office & computer laboratory rooms.
        - implement and develop a data network infrastructure that supports the central provision of computing at BBU
        - support research services through internet link as well as library and BBU’s E-library system

 Providing the essential academic and student administrational services within the following major University processes by using its IT systems:
       - Student Enrolments and Admissions
       - Student Records
       - Student Administrative services
       - Student/Staff information publications and disseminations
       - Student Information System
       - Scheduling & Classroom Services
       - Fees, assessment, disbursement and collection
       - Laboratory’s Practicum
       - Teaching, learning and research services
       - Examinations
       - Graduations
       - Library’s Information System

 6. Developing and supporting the use of information technology in teaching, learning and research: the Division embraces information technology and recognizes it as a vital tool for ongoing education improvement, by enabling and empowering students, teachers and staffs with the uses of networked computer systems equipped with the internet services and new applications in the lab’s rooms and building.