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Build Bright University, Takeo Provincial Branch was established on 1st September, 2006. It was recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports under the Prakas No. 1260. The building of Build Bright University in Takeo province has three floors with twenty rooms. Eighteen of these are study rooms, one room is for computer lab, one library with internet which is opened during working hours from Monday to Saturday. These working hours are 7:00 AM to 11:30 AM and from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Moreover, the university has 6 offices for the management and staff to work.
The university building can accommodate up to 1140 students at the same with big school yard and big parking lot.

Build Bright University, Takeo Provincial Branch provides a wide range of alternatives for students to choose to study from 7 different faculties which include: Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Education and Languages, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Faculty of Arts.
Takeo province has a big population with many resorts like Phnom Da Temple resort, Payong Kor mountain resort, Tamao Zoo resort, Chiso mountain resort and Tonle Bati resort. The people of Takeo province consider education very important. Although the living condition of the people in this province is still limited, they really have strong desire for pursuing education for their future. The potential of such a big population with many resorts as well as the potential in agriculture of the province fascinated the management of Build Bright University to establish its branch here.

Geographical Location

Takeo province is located on plain area bordered with Vietnam on the south, with Kampot province on the west, and with Kandal province on the north. The total population of Takeo province is 790,168 with 376,911 males and 413,257 females which is equal to 52.3% of the total population.

Takeo province has 10 districts, 100 communes, and 1,116 villages. The population of Takeo province accounts for 6.9% of the total population of Cambodia with the density of 222 people per square kilometer. Most people live in the town centers of the districts and most of them are farmers.

Takeo province has a good network of transportation which is favorable for people to travel from all the districts to the provincial town. Considering that Takeo is bordered with Kampot province on the west gives good condition for the university to have some students from Kampot as well. Based on this, the management of the university has decided to open its 8th branch in Daun Keo district, Takeo province.

Build Bright University, Takeo Provincial Branch is located in Village 1, Rokar Knong commune, Daun Keo district, Takeo province opposite Takeo provincial theater. This is next to His Excelleny Sou Phirin Garden. There is a very big lake in front of the university that is the source of fresh air. In addition, the university is located next to the national paved road which is very easy for students to commute from and to school. The University is located in the provincial town a strategic position most suitable for students to study.


Today the university is managed by a president and two vice presidents. One vice-president is in charge of Academic and Quality Assurance and Research and the vice-president is in charge of Administrative and Students Affairs.

The university has Studies Office, Administration and Financial Office, Students Affairs Office, Foundation Year Office, and the Registration Office. There are 15 staff in support to the administration. Twelve of them work full time and the other three work part time.

Fifty one Lecturers work for the university in Promotion I. Thirty nine lecturers are conducting the Bachelor degree program, twelve are working in the Associate degree program and the other five are conducting lectures in the short courses. There are 16 lecturers who are working in Promotion II, among those ten are teaching in the Bachelor degree program, six are working in the Associate program and five are teaching in short courses. All lecturers working at Build Bright University Takeo provincial branch have been sent from Phnom Penh branch.

Education Focus

The management of Build Bright University, Takeo Provincial Branch perceive that the educational service plays a key role in the community. Education propels social development and this is an opportunity to serve the people in the community and be part of their future.

Obviously, it is a great honor for Takeo province as well as its people to have Build Bright University founded. The University aims to contribute to developing human resources in higher education including the graduate level. Meanwhile, the University also set up the strategy and clear action plan in order to help train many different skills to civil servants from all levels as well as students in Takeo province as a whole. To begin with these strategies and action plans, Build Bright University in Takeo has been developing continuously in response to the rectangular strategies set by Samdach Prime Minister Hun Sen of the Royal Government of Cambodia which are: To give more favorable condition to people in the communities in Takeo province the opportunity to receive higher education and other skills

  • To reduce the expense for the family in education
  • To reduce the rate of people migrating from the rural areas to the city
  • To provide scholarship to poor students to have opportunity to further their education free of charge
  • To contribute to developing human resources and help to promote the awareness of people in the communities living in the remote areas in Takeo province
  • To give more favorable condition to both male and female students who are willing to further their education in higher education .

In cultural aspect, people in Takeo province are traditionally patient, hard-working and enthusiastic in studies. It is also one of the target areas for business activity. Although the educational system in the region is not yet in the progress, most people living in the remote areas are taking over all the obstacles to strive for education personally. All these factors help to make all students have strong impression in pursuing education. They choose to study the skill they want in which they have optimism for their future career. In the academic year 2005-2006, there were 5,015 students in Takeo province who took Upper Secondary school exam.

As a result, from 2005-2006 to 2006-2007 academic years, Build Bright University in Takeo has admitted 529 students to study. Among those, 224 students ( 59 females ) are in promotion I, and 305 students ( 86 females ) are in promotion II.

To give the students more time to prepare for their bachelor degrees and also to offer diverse skills training to prospective students in the province in order to meet their needs, the management of Build Bright University in Takeo decided to run the short courses training. Further, this campus also offers a graduate program in business.

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