Stung Treng Study Center

Located in Stung Treng town of Stung Treng Province, Build Bright University Stung Treng Study Center is one of the eight study centers of Build Bright University operating in Cambodia. This center, which is fully recognized by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports through the Prakas No. 2998 dated on 29 December 2008., has started its academic activities since December 2008 providing higher education and vocational training services to students in the north-east provinces of Stung Treng, Kratie, and Preah Vihea. Based on the needs of the population in these areas, we are offering different levels of education ranging from vocational trainings, associate and bachelor degrees, to masters’ degree. At presence, the Center has two faculties - Faculty of Business Management and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality. The university campus is in the town center with the spacious compound of nearly 10,000 m2 with  the well-equipped building, which is very comfortable and convenient..

Geographical Location

Stung Treng is located on the northeastern part of Cambodia with a total area of 12, 016 km2, and the distance between Phnom Penh and Stung Treng is about 481km along National Route 7, around 388km along Mekong River and approximately 235km by air. It is bordered by Laos PDR in the North, by Kratie in the South, by Ratanakiri in the East and by Preah Vihear in the West. Because most parts of the province are located along the Mekong, Sekong and Sesan rivers and highland, this provides highly fertile soil potential for all kinds of agriculture, fishery as well as forestry and other important sectors. The province is divided into 5 districts of Stung Treng, Siempang, Sesan, Thalaborivat and Siembouk. It is subdivided into 34 communes and further divided into 128 villages.
Stung Treng province has approximately 98, 374 inhabitants. Beside the Khmer, Stung Treng inhabitants are made up of several different ethnic minorities such as the Lao, Muslim, Vietnamese, Kavet, Lun, Kreung, Phnorng, Kanhjoak, etc. These ethnic minority groups, though have their own unique ways of life, they have learnt to live together peacefully for years.
Due to its unique location and geography, Stung Treng is full of economic potential and opportunity that serves as important elements to develop the national economy. Underground, on land, marine resources are iron ore, fertile soil, different type of fish, luxury and quality wood and above all, the beautiful weather with fresh and pure air, and yearly rain. Fruit trees and cashew used be the main plantation of the province, however, the people have begun growing rubber trees on rich white soil throughout the province as they perceive them as having more economic value. Moreover eco-tourism is becoming the lifeblood of the province, and in the long run, tourism is the big future due to the multi-ethnic cultures and the abundant natural attractions, such as Virachey National Park, Sopheakmith Waterfall, Mekong River Dolphin, Sekong River, Traditional Villages, and beautiful landscapes.
Because of the great potentiality and opportunity in the northeast region provinces, Build Bright University decided to locate one of its campuses in Ratanakiri and Stung Treng in order to contribute and strengthen the human resource development with the Royal Government of Cambodia in the areas that are full of different ethnic minority groups. These two centers serve as the training centers in vocational training to mix of groups of people, the research centers for the northeast region, and the academic centers for higher education servicing to all groups of students, especially for women, girls, the poor and the underprivileged, who cannot afford to earn degrees in Phnom Penh.

Education Focus

Based in the multi-ethnic minority region with the unique distinction from the other campuses, the education program in the Stung Treng  Center is also adapted and designed distinctively. The teaching curriculum and education programs have been designed to fully fit and suit the market need and demand. And so far, there have been two faculties running in Stung Treng Center-the Faculty of Business Management and Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality.

The fields in the Faculty of Business Management are Accounting and Finance, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Economics, Program and Project Development, International Business Management, Management and Leadership, Agro-business Management, and Agro-industry. The fields in the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality are Tourism Management, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Eco-tourism Management. In order to conform to the requirement of Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC), BBU Stung Treng has started implementing its Foundation Year program since this 2008-2009 academic year and has officially requested ACC to assess its Foundation Year Program. Moreover, the curriculum and program of vocational training in computer and English are also specially designed to be used with the students in Stung Treng as well. These programs also aim to support indigenous minority students in Stung Treng who have limited access to opportunities to further their educational development, so they are able to integrate into the social mainstream of workforce and working environment. These well-designed programs and curriculums will offer the students more opportunity to be employed in the workforce environment at the present time and in the future.
Build Bright University Stung Treng Study Center is operated by a closely knit team consisting of 13 full-time members of staff which is headed by a Director and two Deputy Directors. It is divided into eight different offices: Academic Office, Vocational Training Office, Administrative Office, Finance Office, Foundation Year Office, Reception & Registration Office, Research & Development Office, and Student Affairs Office.
For the first academic year of 2008-2009, 127 (49 female) students have enrolled at Stung Treng Study Center – 53 for Associate Program and 74 for Bachelor Program studying in the Faculty of Business Management. For the second academic year of 2009-2010, 83 (35 female) students have enrolled at Stung Treng Study Center – 47 for Associate Program and 36 for Bachelor Program studying in the Faculty of Business Management. For the third academic year of 2010-2011, 108 (48 female) students have enrolled at Stung Treng Study Center – 11 for Associate Program and 97 for Bachelor Program studying in the Faculty of Business Management. For the forth academic year of 2011-2012, 105 (52 female) students have enrolled at Stung Treng Study Center for Bachelor Program studying in the Faculty of Business Management.
Stung Treng Study Center


Phoum Thmor Leat, Sangkat Srah Russey
Krong Stung Treng, Khet Stung Treng
(Next to Kuang Chong Chinese Language School)
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