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Build Bright University (Sihanouk Province Campus) is located in the town center with the spacious compound of nearly 2,100m2 and with very comfortable and convenient building and sufficient equipment. It is one of the nine campuses, called BBU V, operating in Cambodia. BBU V, was recognized by Prakas No 562 of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport. It started its academic activities in 2003 in order to offer higher education and vocational training services to students in the southwest provinces, such as Sihanouk Ville, Koh Kong, Kampot, and Kep Ville. Based on the need of the people in the provinces, we are offering different levels of education ranging from vocational training to master degrees. The campus has three faculties, namely Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Information Technology, and Faculty of Education and Languages and Master Degree.
Geographical Location

Sihanouk Province, 230 km from Phnom Penh, is located on the coast of Cambodia, about halfway between Thailand and Vietnam. It is bordering Koh Kong on the North, Kampot on the East, and the Bay of Thailand on the west and south. Sihanouk Province is receiving a massive transfusion of foreign investment funds and has been allocated for major tourist 19 development. For many years, Sihanouk Province's pristine, peaceful, white sandy beaches have been a secret to a few hardy travelers.
Build Bright University decided to establish its campus in Sihanouk Province obviously because of the wonderful potential and great opportunity for development. The campus offers master, bachelor and associate degrees, and vocational training courses which could help enhance the capabilities of students as they face their future career in the city of golden beaches.

Education Focus

Build Bright University, Sihanouk Ville Campus, is run and managed by a Campus President and three Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Quality Assurance and Research and Development. Totally, there are 23 staff (07 females) working full-time and 02 staff (02 females) working part-time in 07 different offices: Administration Office, Accounting and Finance Office, Academic and Vocational Training Office, Student Affairs Office, Quality Assurance and Research and Development Office, Foundation Year Department. Additionally, there are 22 teaching staffs lecturing to students in three faculties, Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Information Technology, and Faculty of English Literature.

The campus consists of 39 staffs and 90 academic staffs under a strong and inspiring management team. It's located along the road from Phsar Krom to Wat Chork with office phone and fax (+855) 63 963 300 and e-mail:, Within the managerial chart there are 11 offices, Information Service Office, Student Service Office, Academic Office, Administrative Office, Accounting and Financial Office, Registration Office, Quality Assurance Office, Research and Development and Library Office, Foundation Year Office, Vice Dean Office, and Vocational Training Office, performing their administrative and academic services.

By pursuing overall mission "to be committed to provide students needed knowledge and skills that meet national and international standard", BBU (Sihanouk Province Campus) serves the human resource development needs in Cambodia by taking into account their specific development priorities, gender issues and social values. BBU (SHV) carries this mission through its:

  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Faculty of Education and Languages
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Laws and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality

Aiming at providing a solid academic foundation in an emerging region, the University currently has about 900 students enrolled in associate and bachelor degree, 80 students enrolled in master degree, and more than 2000 students enrolled in short courses. These are students from the neighboring provinces. Through rich and varied curricula designed to fit the needs of the environment, students are presented with numerous opportunities for intellectual growth and academic experiences. The University offers:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor's Degree Programs
  • Associate Degrees
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
Sihanouk Provice Study Center

Oh Moy Road, Phum 5, Shang Kat 4,
Sihanouk ville, Sihanouk Province

Tel : +855-12 775 795
Fax: +855-34 934 026

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