Build Bright University is proud to host the 60th ASAIHL Conference on 2 - 4 December, 2015 in the historical town of Cambodia, Siem Reap.




Strategic Aims

  • To build needed knowledge and skills for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to be successful persons and professionals, and to provide values and orientation necessary to be men and women for others.
  • To provide access to the higher education for qualified learners with special attention to disadvantaged groups, particularly the rural poor and female students.
  • To improve the standard and quality of higher education in Cambodia that meet the international accreditation systems and to integrate Cambodia into the Asia Pacific Region.
  • To foster social reconciliation of economic equity and to protect Cambodia's natural resources through education programs for sustainable development.
  • To provide and facilitate the best educational environment in Cambodia.
  • To contribute in the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of over twelve million Cambodians by providing access to higher education and community-based integrated development projects associated with the university research and extension services.
  • To provide a variety of learning environments to meet the different needs of learners drawn from diverse educational, social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.
  • To offer an attractive and convenient campus environment and resources necessary to promote learning one world throughout the university.