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Secretariat of Post Graduate Studies

Mission and Goals

    1. To provide a specific knowledge on scientific research methodology and to spread it among our internal researchers and outside (and to complete it with an external knowledge also gathered in the Office), in order to structures  BBU's research with scientific coherence
    2. To provide (and gather) research paper and documents and to spread it internally and externally.
    3. To create a network of researchers, within BBU, than inside Cambodia and at a regional level before  internationalizing it.
    4. To make BBU's excellence more efficient with a feedback  process, as research have to stimulate and to improve permanently the quality of over internal education
    5. To make BBU more visible (scientific papers spread , conferences, etc) in order to share and exchange with other research structure (universities, research institutions in and out Cambodia) the benefits from research.
    6. To make BBU having a pole position in the term of research: a scientific library which have to become a reference for any researcher of the region (on specific themes of research, according to the research policy).
    7. To implement these research result: as science has to be efficient, a good Quantity of research according to the scientific standard should make BBU able to make recommendations to Government or relevant institutions in charge of domains on which BBU becomes expert. Thus, BBU's research has to create plans of action that can be submitted to local, national and regional leaders and policy makers for consideration and implementation.

The role of the R & D Office is to promote research in general, inside and outside BBU, but specifically inside our university. As the Research depends on a collective involvement of BBU staff, especially Vice-Rector Academic, Deans, Vice-Deans and professors, the task of the R & D Office doesn't consist in assuming all responsibilities in terms of internal research but in promoting and enhancing research through different activities.
The Reseach and Development office:

      - Initiates research: the Office shall have a leading function in terms of research.
     - Monitors research: as research request specific skills, the R&D Office has to provide help to researchers, whether  graduate or post-graduate, if obstacles are met during the conducting of the research.
    - Centralizes research materials in partnership with the library (books, reports, thesis, and any useful research documents, research guidelines, etc.)
     -Guides research: whether lecturer or student, the researcher should be enabled to refer to a method of research.books or "handbooks" (guideline) of research has to be available to support any BBU member in his research.
    - Encourages research and settle an incentive process: for example by delivering awards, grants, scholarships, presentation of the research in abroad conferences, etc. to BBU community in order to lift their research performance and to promote research inside the University.
    - Trains in research: From August 2006, R&D Office provides training course on "Research Methodology", in order to enable BBU staff to make research (and teach it to students) according to international standards. These training courses take place in BBU Phnom Penh first, then in BBU's provincial faculties.
    - Formulates research policy (to suggest it for approval to the Council, governing body as Office R & D is the executive body) and guidelines in close collaboration with the Vice-Rectors in charge of the areas of research.
    - Considers and advise the Committee on the establishment of new areas of research if needed.
    - Promotes and instigate research inside BBU and with external partners.
    - Promotes cooperation with other both local and international researchers and institutions.
    - Encourages publications from our graduate and post-graduate students.
    - Creates a dynamic structure of research (R & D Committee and R & D Secretariat) likely to motivate and increase BBU internal research.

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